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Heartland Asphalt Inc. is a full service hot mix asphalt paving    contractor and manufacturer of hot mix asphalt and cold mix.

Our asphalt projects consist of state, county, and municipal roads.                         We specialize in commercial parking lots and driveway construction along with recreational trails and tennis courts.  As our company motto states we do it all From Driveways to Highways!


  Services We Provide Include

·         Overlay/Resurface of existing asphalt and concrete pavements

·         Hot Mix Asphalt Paving for new construction

·         Grading & Base Preparation

·         Placing granular base

·         Pavement Removal

·         Pavement Scarification / milling

·         Chip Seal Coating

·         Driveway /  Parking Lot Sealing

·         Crack filling and Crack Repair

·         Parking lot pavement striping

·         PCC Curb and Gutter

·         PCC Drive Approaches

·         PCC Sidewalks

·         Quality Control Testing and Inspection of Hot Mix Asphalt

·         Hot Mix, Cold Mix and Recycled Asphalt Supplier

·         Asphalt and Concrete Recycling

·         Engineering Design Layout and Staking

Products and Services